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Why divorce could be better for the children

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2024 | Divorce |

Have you considered staying together for the kids? Maybe you already know that you’re unhappy in your marriage, and so is your spouse. Perhaps you’ve even talked about amicably ending the relationship and going your separate ways. But the two of you have children together, and you worry about the impact that the divorce could have on their lives and their development.

It is important to think about your children, of course, but it’s crucial to realize that divorce is not always a negative event for children. It does not always hinder their development or cause long-term issues. In fact, studies have found that there are many cases in which getting a divorce can be beneficial for the children and may be better than if their parents tried to stay together.

High-conflict marriages

The issue that researchers have found is that high-conflict marriages can be harmful to children. The parents are constantly engaging in arguments or other conflicts in front of them, which can be difficult for young children to cope with. The parents are also experiencing a high level of stress and may not have the time or energy to devote to their children.

In these high-conflict situations, if the parents decide to split up, it can be much better for all parties. The parents may feel like they are more relaxed and able to finally focus on their children, giving them a chance to be the type of parents they want to be. They may find out that they are much better at raising their children as divorced co-parents than they ever would have been as a married couple.

Every relationship is unique. If you’re going through a divorce, just take the time to carefully consider your legal options. For a more peaceful approach, you may wish to consider mediation and collaborative law.