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A Peaceful Divorce Is Possible!

“Lisa was amazing!! I would say she was incredibly patient with our situation, it got rough at times. We were able to go to court without lawyer representation. Everything went as planned. We were over prepared because of her mediation settlement guidance and Jennifer Dziekan and Rebecca Tooman at Innovative Law Services for court paperwork. That was an EXCELLENT recommendation, so thankful! Between Jennifer’ and Rebecca’s help with all the legal paperwork and Lisa’s direction with all the legal Settlement guidance, what a great team!! This was an excruciating process that was made as smooth as possible with Lisa’s help. I can’t thank her enough for the way she handled it with extreme professionalism; she was knowledgeable and empathetic when needed and got us through it.”

Terri B.


“I just wanted to let you know that the divorce was final between us yesterday. Thank you again for all of your help. The process yesterday lasted a total of 5 minutes because of your thorough mediation expertise. I also appreciate you recommending Rebecca and Jen. They made my life a lot easier with all the paperwork.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and wish you the best in the new year.”

Janice K.



Thank you again for your help through a dark, scary and sad time. Your services are invaluable in helping people move forward with life and hopefully brighter days. I’ll be sharing your name far and wide – if I can ever provide resources to you or offer connections, please reach out to me.


– Beth D.


“Lisa is vigilantly fair in working with both sides during mediation. She is thoughtful and detailed-oriented. After the divorce is finalized, you feel secure that all the important aspects were covered, especially in matters relating to children.”

– Genevieve Sparby


“Lisa has an amazing heart for helping couples navigate what can be a very difficult process. Her knowledge and compassion throughout the mediation process was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend her services.”

– Heather Briggs


“If you are going through a divorce, I highly recommend using a mediator such as Lisa Taylor… it is so much better than hiring separate attorneys who will end up settling behind the scenes anyway. In my case, my spouse and I were already in agreement on the terms of divorce, but Lisa was able to help us craft a thorough agreement, which included many things we wouldn’t have thought of! She also did a great job of being impartial and making sure it was fair to both parties (and more importantly, the kids).”

– Nathan Efrusy


“Hi Lisa, it’s Kelly Comstock. Today is the day and I just wanted to say thanks again for helping us do this in a peaceful way; you’re a kind and compassionate person and that shows in your work. I hate the idea of my marriage ending, but I hope from this point we can all be happy. This is bittersweet, but thanks again.”

– Kelly Comstock


“Thanks, Lisa.

I really appreciate what you’ve done for us. I will be more than happy to recommend you to anyone going through this. You’ve managed to ease a difficult situation and helped both of us part on much better terms than would be possible otherwise.”

– Steve Berardelli


“Thank you for everything Lisa! You are the best! I/We are grateful we found you so that we can come to an agreement as efficiently and amicably as possible. I can imagine how much harder this process could have been if we hired separate lawyers because of the “lost in translation” issues with communication you have observed.

Have a great week and I’ll be in touch.”

– Aneta S.


“Hi Lisa:

It has been three months since our divorce was finalized, and I am finally getting around to thank you for your professional guidance throughout this process. Even though our divorce was amicable, it was still an emotional time and you helped us immensely in making decisions by talking us through pros and cons of choices while staying completely neutral. It helped us think decisions through so we were both comfortable with the property divisions.

You also helped navigate us through the steps of the divorce, the paperwork involved, the court process and had good advice and direction on next steps. We started the mediation process in October and were finalized in April, thanks to you moving things along but still being accommodating with our schedules.

With sincere thanks,”

– Miryam S.


“My ex-wife and I hired Lisa Taylor to mediate our divorce instead of getting high priced attorneys involved. Lisa was extremely professional and really helped in making a very difficult situation tolerable. She remained completely neutral throughout the entire process and helped get us through some extremely heated and challenging aspects of the mediation.

Lisa has also been extremely helpful in answering questions after the fact and aided us through the entire divorce process. We will definitely go with Lisa if further mediation is needed down the road and I recommend others do so as well.”

– Zachary McGraw



I just wanted to make sure you knew our divorce was final this last Monday. Although very hard emotionally, I had to let you know how grateful I was to you for all your help. I truly believe this was the right process for us. Being able to come together and make the decisions with your guidance was a much better process with less conflict and animosity than I ever would have expected. We were able to retain respect for each other through the process which was important to both of us.

I feel so lucky that I went with my gut when choosing you to help with our mediation. Your views and opinions you shared on your website made me feel like you were an honest person with much integrity, and my assumption was spot on! Your professionalism and impartiality were consistent all the way through. We both appreciated how all paperwork was so thorough and complete. Your experience as an attorney was very obvious as we moved through our sessions. You also referred us to a couple of individuals that were necessary for our process and they too were very helpful. The court proceeding went as smoothly as it could minus the emotional toll.

If I ever have the opportunity to recommend mediation as the process or you, I will absolutely do it without hesitation. Thank you so much for all you did for us.

Very sincerely,”

– Debbie Teasdale


“Hi, Lisa,

It was a pleasure to work with you! I can’t say enough how grateful I am for your help. Your compassion, patience and very organized way of working made this rough process a lot easier. I felt the mediation process we went through with you was very efficient. I know it’s a long way to go and all three of us need to adjust, but I think the mediation process was a very good starting point. Without your help, it wouldn’t work out so well. Thanks again for all you did for us!


– Miranda Cao


“Hi Lisa.

I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance in this process. You made the process MUCH less stressful and we really appreciate that.

Court went very smooth. Just a few groups getting divorced, so were in and out very quickly. Bottom line, they waved the 6-month waiting period and we are officially divorced.

K. and I have both said we like you very much and you made a very nervous scary process “almost” fun.

Thanks again for all your help.

Warm Regards,”

– Greg Fields


“Thanks, Lisa. I really appreciate your patience and ability to navigate this process for/with us.

I found your involvement invaluable and would be happy to serve as an enthusiastic reference should you ever require one.”

– Mary Aviles


“Dear Lisa,

I just want to thank you for all of your help. As you know, we both had lawyers battling for us, and we both got sick of what it was doing to us and to our kids. You made us so happy that we chose mediation instead. We accomplished in just a few meetings what we had been deadlocked about for months with our lawyers. And now we are able to talk to each other about the kids and solve problems that come up instead of assuming the worst about each other and just fighting all the time.”

– Lori L.


“Dear Lisa,

Thanks again for your excellent work in mediating our divorce. This is not an easy or simple journey but you were able to help us navigate through the rough waters with both sensitivity and professionalism. I am absolutely certain that this is the best way to handle a divorce because my ex-wife and I were able to sustain the lines of communication for the future and for our children. I cannot imagine a better mediator than you or a more equitable process. The work that you are doing is so important, and I hope that more couples will take advantage of this method and your service in the future.”

– Bruce M.


“Having made the difficult decision to divorce after a long marriage, my husband and I were committed to resolving our differences in a respectful, civil manner. We did not want the process to dissolve into a bitter, angry, drawn-out fight with one another. We researched options and discovered that divorce mediation was the path that we wanted to take. As our mediator, Lisa Taylor made the complicated process of divorcing easy to understand. She made sure that each of us was heard, that our concerns were addressed and that both of us had helped to create a balanced settlement with one another. She has made this difficult process less painful by giving us a level of control in determining what we wanted the outcome to look like.”

– Wendy Betway


“Hiring Lisa to mediate our divorce was one of the smarter decisions I’ve made. She was able to guide us through the negotiation process and help us stay focused on the decisions that needed to be made. My ex and I were able to make our own decisions about how we wanted to handle parenting time and the division of assets and liabilities. Lisa was able to keep us on task and make helpful suggestions when we got stuck, all while maintaining a very human presence in the room. Perhaps the greatest testimony to her skill was the result of our meeting with the court referee. When he started asking questions, we simply handed him our fully-prepared-and-signed agreement. The referee spent about five minutes thumbing through the document and then said essentially, “Huh, well, this is pretty thorough. Looks like you’ve got everything covered,” and sent us on our way. In the end, Lisa’s guidance made an unavoidably painful process much less painful and I felt good about the compromises that I agreed to make.”

– Stephen O


“Hi Lisa,

Just a belated thank you for helping to amicably resolve our divorce. You did a great job in leading us through the mediation process, keeping us on track and then finishing by our agreed-upon deadline.

Best Wishes,”

– Bill T.


“I was very impressed with Lisa’s approach to the mediation process. Having never been through a divorce before, it was comforting to lean on her experience. She was methodical and logical in the way she organized the individual topics that needed to be negotiated and thoughtful in how she offered input. She was very clear about her neutral role in the process and never provided advice that was inappropriate to either party. She was an effective facilitator and kept both parties focused while remaining sensitive to the strong emotions associated with some of the topics. At the end of the process, I feel like we came out with not only a fair and equitable separation agreement but a trusted partner to call on if the future requires it!”

– Stu Johnson


“Lisa was great to work with! After 10 years of marriage and two kids, one would think a divorce in this situation would be extremely difficult, lengthy and expensive. Lisa, however, made the entire process smooth, quick, and peaceful by being fair and reasonable with both of us. The entire process only took 6 months from beginning of mediation until the divorce was final. Lisa has a very in-depth knowledge of the entire process and is very detailed, making sure each item is covered. I highly recommend her!”

– Scott B.


“I have friends who have spent thousands of dollars and endured a great deal of emotional stress and anxiety while attempting to get a divorce using the typical adversarial approach. My ex-husband and I agreed that it was in our best interest and the best interest of our child to resolve our issues amicably. For this reason, we chose mediation and Lisa Taylor. From our first meeting, Lisa was unbiased, knowledgeable and professional. She helped us navigate through the emotional, financial and practical nuances of separating our lives while providing valuable advice based on her many years of experience in the field. While our family structure has changed, we have emerged from divorce with respect for one another and a clear path of how we will interact as a family in the years ahead. I am convinced beyond any doubt, that had we not used Lisa Taylor, we would not have had such a positive outcome.”

– Janet L.


“I just wanted to let you know that everything went very smoothly at court. The judge granted the motion to waive Friend of the Court and did not require us to wait the standard 6 months.

Thanks again for all your help and expertise!!! This process could have been so much more difficult (and expensive) and we really appreciated your guidance.”

– Amanda Bradshaw


“Thank you for all your help over the past few months. We are not through all of this yet, since we are moving…but you have certainly confirmed our belief that we could work without the nastiness that is so commonly associated with divorces. You had a nice straightforward approach to us navigating through all of the necessary steps, remained VERY objective throughout, and were a wonderful mediator in terms of your being patient yet moving things along, emotionally sensitive to hard topics, and overall very efficient. Thank you for your help, and we will be sure to keep you posted.”

– Terry Longhway


“I would highly recommend Lisa Taylor for anyone going through a divorce. Her professional calm, understanding approach to both our needs made this process almost enjoyable. Thank you Lisa for changing the direction of the current system.”

– Kelly Riney


“Divorce is a heart-wrenching experience; however, it was made much easier with the thoughtful and professional mediation skills of Lisa Taylor. I would highly recommend her services.”

– Kevin S.


“I came to Lisa Taylor looking for some help with my divorce. My now ex-wife and I were very nervous. We didn’t know what to expect. We were both pleasantly surprised! Lisa Taylor was the most professional, compassionate and empathetic person we have ever met. She guided us through the process, explaining every step in great detail. She worked with us both on what we needed to provide and exactly what we needed to do once we got to court. She was very organized and provided me with receipts for my payments. She was very courteous and took our situation very seriously, while at the same time was very friendly and put us both at ease.

Divorce is not an easy thing to have to go through, but Lisa Taylor made it bearable for us…and we thank her for that. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking mediation.”

– Chris Kirsten


“Thanks Lisa for making a painful situation go smoothly. You seemed to help the both of us make decisions that we could both agree with. You did a great job keeping peace that will allow us both to parent our kids without any emotional baggage regarding the divorce. Thanks for that.”

– D. Cummins


“Dear Lisa,

This is never a good situation and nobody ever really wins. But thanks to you, we were able to resolve this situation amicably and smoothly with no major issues. You have a very good process that suited our needs perfectly. I am glad we chose you!

Again, my sincere thanks in helping to make what was possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done, so much easier.”

– Pam McGowan

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