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Mediation Provides Me The Means To Help Others

For many people, divorce is one of the most emotionally exhausting experiences they will endure. I have witnessed this firsthand, not only by assisting hundreds of Michigan residents in divorce but also by going through it myself.

In 1999, I experienced my own divorce and the emotional turmoil it created for me and my children. That experience led me to complete training to become a licensed civil mediator in Michigan. However, I did not put that training to widespread use immediately, as I was practicing law for a successful litigation firm.

That use of my legal skills was not personally fulfilling. I recognized that litigating disputes more often than not is a lose-lose proposition. I decided to complete additional training in divorce mediation and left that firm to start my own practice, Taylor-Made Solutions, PLLC.

My focus on mediation has brought me a great deal more job satisfaction because I see how it helps my clients navigate the divorce process more successfully with less emotional distress and at significantly less expense. Serving as a neutral third party with a thorough knowledge of Michigan family law statutes and case law, I am able to empower both parties in a divorce so they can retain more control over the outcome and move forward with their lives.

An important additional benefit of resolving disputes through mediation is that ex-spouses tend to be more cooperative with each other as they negotiate co-parenting and other aspects of post-divorce life.

I earned my law degree from the University of Michigan, and I trained as a mediator through the Institute of Continuing Legal Education and the Oakland Mediation Center. I also trained as a collaborative law attorney, so I am prepared to steer individuals through a peaceful divorce using that process as well as mediation.

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