A Peaceful Future Is A Gift

Despite anger and pain, you can work together to reach satisfying resolutions. When considering divorce, you have a choice: move forward with a sense of closure or continue on in the conflict. At Taylor-Made Solutions, PLLC, your future is brighter because you choose cooperative solutions. Mediation saves time and money and reduces conflict and stress.

Resolving Michigan Divorce Conflicts Through Mediation

Embracing The Future
Starts With Today’s Decisions

When your family requires legal intervention, it is natural to be worried, concerned, even scared. Your legal choices may seem abstract, but they have a very real impact on your daily life and your ability to move on with your life.

As an experienced lawyer and court-approved family law mediator, Lisa Taylor knows that when tensions run high, a calming presence and voice of reason are more important than ever. Lisa helps you both vocalize your needs, explore solutions and begin your new future with a fresh perspective. Whether your divorce requires extensive negotiation over assets or you require a stable custody situation for your children, Lisa Taylor helps you thrive.

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What Is Family Law Mediation?

Why Choose Mediation?

What To Expect During Mediation?

Through Mediation We Can Help You Figure Out:

Parenting Time


Child Support

Spousal Support

Property Division

Debt Division

Tax Concerns

Make The Law
Work For You

Mediation offers an ideal platform for many families and individuals looking for a highly personalized legal outcome at a lower cost. As your mediator, I help you articulate your needs, negotiate productively with your spouse and protect your future, all while maintaining an emphasis on civility.

Mediation can offer long-term solutions for:

  • Property division, including for highly complicated assets like businesses and pensions
  • Child custody, parenting plans and co-parenting agreements
  • Child Support and Spousal Support agreements that preserve both parties’ financial stability

As an experienced attorney with decades as a full-time mediator, I can help you navigate the complex legal steps you are about to take. Feel confident in your choices.

Take Control
Of Your Future

Meet Our Attorney

Photo of Lisa Taylor
Photo of Lisa Taylor

Meet Our Mediator

Lisa Taylor


“Lisa, Thank you again for your help through a dark, scary and sad time. Your services are invaluable in helping people more forward with life and hopefully brighter days. I’ll be sharing your name far and wide – if I can ever provide resources to you or offer connections, please reach out to me.

– Beth D.

“Lisa is vigilantly fair in working with both sides during mediation. She is thoughtful and detailed-oriented. After the divorce is finalized, you feel secure that all the important aspects were covered, especially in matters relating to children.”

– Genevieve Sparby

“Lisa has an amazing heart for helping couples navigate what can be a very difficult process. Her knowledge and compassion throughout the mediation process was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend her services.”

– Heather Briggs

“If you are going through a divorce, I highly recommend using a mediator such as Lisa Taylor… it is so much better than hiring separate attorneys who will end up settling behind the scenes anyway. In my case, my spouse and I were already in agreement on the terms of divorce, but Lisa was able to help us craft a thorough agreement, which included many things we wouldn’t have thought of! She also did a great job of being impartial and making sure it was fair to both parties (and more importantly, the kids).”

– Nathan Efrusy

“Hi Lisa, it’s Kelly Comstock, today is the day and I just wanted to say thanks again for helping us do this in a peaceful way, you’re a kind and compassionate person and that shows in your work. I hate the idea of my marriage ending but I hope from this point we can all be happy. This is bitter sweet, but thanks again.”

– Kelly Comstock

Litigation Versus Early-Stage Mediation | Taylor-Made Solutions, PLLC
Litigation Versus Early-Stage Mediation | Taylor-Made Solutions, PLLC