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Reasons to alter a child custody arrangement through mediation

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2024 | Divorce |

After your divorce, you and your spouse likely discussed a child custody arrangement. This arrangement decided when and how each of you raised your children. This arrangement may have lasted for the last few years without any difficulties, until recently.

There may be an issue that you’re having with how a child custody arrangement is set up. Through mediation, you could talk to your children’s other parent to discuss the difficulties you’re currently facing, why you need an altered custody arrangement and what will work for the both of you.

Here are a few reasons you may need to talk to your ex-spouse through mediation: 

You are moving for better opportunities 

Where you live and work now may have been a temporary situation. You may have found better living or working conditions somewhere else. But, this could create some distance between you and your children. You may need to address this issue with your ex to develop a plan. 

Your job or school schedule changed

Your current arrangement likely gives you specific days and times when you see your children. However, your job or school may have adjusted their schedules and now there’s a conflict with your custody schedule. 

Your children need special attention 

Your children may have physical conditions or cognitive development limitations that require them to have special attention. You may want to alter the arrangement so that you can give more attention to your children so their needs are met.

Talking to your ex-spouse when there’s an issue with your current child custody arrangement shouldn’t be difficult. Getting legal guidance through the mediation process can help resolve any of your issues.