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When does a custody schedule need to change?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2023 | Divorce |

Parents who go through divorce often need to create child custody schedules. A child custody schedule determines when each parent is responsible for the care of their children and how much time they have with their children. Custody or “parenting” time can rotate every day, week or month according to what’s best for children and parents.

Child custody schedules are often determined during divorce proceedings. However, there may be times when parents have to renegotiate their custody time. Here are a few scenarios that might lead parents to discuss a new child custody schedule: 

When a child’s needs have changed

Children can have new needs and wants as they grow. For example, a child may wish to spend more time with one parent over the other. Parents may also need to discuss a new custody schedule if their child’s health requires more attention. 

When a parent is moving 

After divorce, many parents have to move. A move may be required to meet the demands of a new job or because a parent wishes to change locations. If a move creates too much distance between the other parents, then parents may need to adjust the custody schedule. 

When a school or work schedule changes

Many custody schedules work around parents’ school and work schedules. However, a parent may have an adjusted school or work schedule that conflicts with a custody schedule. When this happens, parents may need to make child custody schedule revisions to accommodate their new school and work schedules. 

Mediation can help parents agree to new child custody terms and an effective parenting plan. Parents who are seeking mediation may need to reach out for legal help.