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Divorce mediation: What to look for in a mediator

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2023 | Divorce |

If you have chosen to settle your divorce out of court, you’ve already taken a step towards a more amicable and efficient resolution. The last piece of the puzzle, and perhaps the most important, is your choice of mediator. This is the person who will facilitate negotiations, guide discussions and assist in reaching a mutually agreeable solution.

Choosing the right mediator can make or break your out-of-court divorce process. So, what should you look for in a mediator? Below are some key qualities your mediator should possess.

Impartiality and neutrality

You do not want someone who is biased or has vested interests. A mediator should maintain neutrality throughout the process. This neutrality is essential for fostering an environment of trust and fairness.

Communication and facilitation skills

A skilled mediator possesses excellent communication and facilitation skills. They should be able to actively listen to both parties, promote effective dialogue and facilitate productive discussions. Your choice of a mediator should be someone who can guide the conversation while ensuring that each person’s perspective is heard and respected.

Knowledge and expertise

A competent mediator should have a strong understanding of family law and the divorce process. They should be knowledgeable about legal principles, relevant regulations and the specific issues commonly encountered in divorce cases. This enables them to provide informed guidance and help you navigate the legal aspects of your divorce.

Professionalism and ethical standards

Ensure that the mediator you choose adheres to high ethical standards and maintains professionalism. They should prioritize confidentiality, act impartially and avoid any conflicts of interest. Verifying their credentials, certifications and affiliations can help you assess their professionalism and commitment to ethical practice.