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Avoid these 4 mistakes during divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce is a complex and emotional process, even if you and your spouse agree it’s time to separate.. Anger, sadness and stress may cause you to make some mistakes during the divorce mediation process. 

Although divorce mediation is simple and less expensive, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid for it to work. Below are some mistakes you should avoid to help you navigate mediation more easily.

Expecting to win

Most people make the mistake of going into divorce ready for battle and expecting to win. However, mediation isn’t about winning, and you shouldn’t enter a mediation session with a you versus them mindset. Remember, mediation is about communicating more openly, negotiating and cooperating to find fair solutions.

Venting on social media

After a rough divorce mediation session, you may be tempted to vent about your feelings on social media. But, unfortunately, venting on social media won’t help you communicate better with your spouse, especially once they uncover your posts. Moreover, should your case go to litigation, the court may not look kindly upon you.

Failing to participate fully

When you don’t hear everything you expect to hear and solutions take time, you may become tempted not to turn up. However, divorce mediation relies on full participation and not participating will only delay the process further.

Allowing yourself to be walked over 

Another common mistake you should avoid is not being firm with your decisions, which may create room for you to be cheated. If you compromise too easily, you shouldn’t expect a good outcome. Instead, consider compromising only when you are able to find an alternative. It’s also a good idea to take some time when making decisions and be firm with them.

Mediation may be the best option when divorcing. However, if you want your divorce mediation to go as smoothly as possible, ensure you don’t make the above mistakes. It’s also wise to seek legal guidance to give you the best chance of a successful divorce mediation.