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3 ways divorce may be good for you

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2022 | Divorce |

When you get married, you likely think it will last forever. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. 

While facing the truth that you are headed for divorce is difficult, it may not be all negative. Here are three reasons divorce may be good for you in the end:

1. You may get a new lease on life

If you stay in a bad marriage, it will offer some security; however, this security may come at a price. Staying in a marriage where you aren’t happy or where there is constant conflict isn’t good for your mental or emotional health. When you divorce, you have the opportunity to find a more fulfilling life.

2. You avoid modeling an unhealthy relationship to your children

If you have children and stay in an unhappy marriage, you are modeling the type of relationship they believe they should have. You want to make sure they understand that you should have a mutually respectful, healthy and happy marriage, which isn’t happy in an unhealthy marriage. 

3. You can focus on yourself

When you get out of an unhappy marriage, you can re-focus on yourself and what makes you a great person. You can also focus on your children and what is best for them. During this time, you can find peace and happiness once again that you may have lost during your bad marriage. 

Because divorce may seem like a negative thing and can be emotional, there are positive factors about it. As you can see, filing for divorce and leaving an unhappy and unhealthy marriage can benefit you and your children. You can also go through the divorce process without conflict, thanks to mediation and collaborative divorce