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Is mediation a good fit for your divorce?

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Couples make the difficult decision to split up and divorce. They may have grown apart or the love they feel for each other may not be the same.

Some couples may choose to go through a “mediated divorce.” This is a divorce where a mediation specialist works with both spouses, making decisions on different topics.

What is mediated divorce and how can it help?

A mediated divorce is a platform for both spouses to discuss each of their needs. This process is meant to be quieter and calmer.

If one of the spouses is concerned about anger and arguments, they may feel better knowing that the mediator wants both spouses to be civil with each other. The process is set up so both spouses work with the mediator.

Before the mediation work begins, the mediator carries out a screening which allows them to decide if mediation is appropriate.

Is mediated divorce easier on the children?

Because a mediator discusses every area of concern or argument with their clients, they may be able to see what each spouse wants. This includes every decision that concerns their children.

A mediator involves both spouses in discussions about the children. They cover visitation, child custody and child support. Once both spouses have agreed on each term, the mediator has them sign a binding settlement agreement which the spouses submit to the family court.

In a litigated divorce, where the judge makes all the decisions, the children may not be happy with those choices.

Mediated divorce may not be best for these couples

Mediated divorce may be the best choice for couples who get along, even after deciding to divorce.

For those couples whose feelings for each other have changed too drastically, who are always angry with each other, argue all the time or whose relationships are violent, a mediated divorce may not be a good choice.