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2 ways mediation can help divorcing parents 

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Divorce can be a very difficult phase of life for the entire family. Not only are divorcing couples exploring new ways of relating to each other, but they are also learning new ways of parenting their children. 

A mediated divorce can help couples with children get through their divorce without losing sight of their roles as parents. Here’s how: 

Mediation encourages a good co-parenting relationship

Mediation encourages divorcing couples to focus on the future. 

Through mediation, divorcing parents work as a team to create an acceptable and working parenting arrangement that allows their children to enjoy a healthy and functioning relationship with both parents. The “united front” that mediation creates between the co-parents can really benefit everybody and minimize disruptions in their children’s lives.

Mediation frees parents up to focus on raising their children

Mediation, unlike the court process in a litigated divorce, tends to be both cost-effective and time-saving. It utilizes a neutral party to help the divorcing couple reach a quick, fair and peaceful dissolution of their marriage by resolving any difficult issues by agreement.

The results can minimize the emotional impact of the divorce on the family. It also makes it easier for parents to return their focus to their children — instead of having all their energy and time caught up in the divorce battle

Divorce can be particularly taxing if there are kids involved. However, when both parents make a deliberate effort to work together in the best interest of their children, that leads to a happier, healthier future.