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Are you putting off divorce because you don’t like conflict?

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You want to end your marriage, but you know that asking for a divorce may lead to conflict. You can totally imagine going to court, arguing with your spouse over how to divide your assets and leaving it up to a judge to decide when you’ll get to see your kids. That’s not what you want, so you’ve been putting off the divorce. 

But do you have to keep avoiding the inevitable? Or is there a better way?

Mediation may make it easier to get divorced

It’s certainly understandable that you want to avoid conflict. Many people feel this way. But your aversion to conflict doesn’t have to mean that you stay in a marriage you do not want any longer. 

One of the goals of mediation is to reduce conflict and trauma. You still end your marriage, but you do it by working with your spouse, not against them. You both make decisions and, in many cases, you keep those decisions out of court entirely. 

Now, there is one key here: Your spouse needs to be on the same page. If they don’t want to get divorced or vow to fight every decision in court, mediation may not be possible. But, if your spouse understands that divorce is inevitable or also wants one, you can then work together for a low-conflict solution that allows you both to move on with your lives.

Is divorce mediation right for you?

Do you think that mediation may make it possible to get the divorce you’ve been considering? If so, be sure you know what steps you’ll need to take. to get the process started. A consultation with an attorney can help you gain the clarity you need to decide on your next move.