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Reasons to choose divorce mediation rather than litigation

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Cary Grant once said, “Divorce is a game played by lawyers.” However, it is a game that some lawyers choose not to play. If you prefer a peaceful Detroit divorce to playing games with your future, consider talking to an attorney who favors divorce mediation.

Negotiating your divorce has countless advantages over the traditional courtroom route. Here are some of them:

  • It’s less of a gamble: When you leave it to a court to decide how your divorce will be settled, there will be winners and losers. By mediating, nobody needs to leave a loser as you work together to find an acceptable agreement. You stay at the negotiating table until you are both happy.
  • It is less emotionally draining: Think of any situation you have ever been in, where there was a disagreement. Arguing is stressful; it takes a toll on you. By contrast, agreeing to work things out feels more positive.
  • It is confidential: Mediation keeps the details of your divorce off the public record.
  • It is quicker: Mediation is less time-intensive than litigation, and you can finalize your divorce in a mere six months.
  • It saves you money: The more hours you need an attorney, the more you will pay. As mediation is so much quicker, it could save you and your spouse thousands of dollars.
  • It is less damaging for friends and family: You have probably watched other couples go through a divorce battle. Remember how awkward it felt? As if you had to choose sides? No one likes to see their friends fighting. By removing the conflict, mediation makes things easier for you and those around you.
  • It reassures your children: Divorce can take a significant toll on kids. However much you tell them everything will be alright, if you are fighting out your divorce, you are sending a very different message. If they see you discussing things in an amicable fashion, they are more likely to believe everything really will work out fine.

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