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How can co-parents get along? 

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Divorce signals the end of the marriage. However, for parents, their ties are far from cut. Generally, the family courts prefer both parents to play an active role in the upbringing of their children. 

This is often referred to as a co-parenting relationship. It is best for the children that co-parents get along. Is this possible? 

Sticking to the custody schedule

Ideally, parents will manage to negotiate a custody agreement that works for everyone, particularly the children. If not, the court will step in and enforce a custody schedule based on the best interests of the child. Whatever the arrangement, co-parents must stick to it. Not only is this important because custody orders are legally binding, but they are essential for a peaceful co-parenting relationship.

Leave arguments in the past

Closure is an important aspect of divorce. There can be no going back really in terms of the romantic relationship. This is especially the case if the marriage was toxic and filled with arguments. A crucial part of co-parenting peacefully is leaving disputes from the past in the past. Co-parents should also not try to “one-up” each other or use their children as messengers out of anger or other negative emotions that are still tied to their history together.

The right communication 

Communication is a necessity for peaceful co-parenting, but how co-parents communicate can differ. Some co-parents can remain on good terms, making home visits, phone calls and exchanges relatively easy. Other co-parents may need to ask family members and friends to help with exchanges. Nowadays, several co-parenting communication apps can also be taken advantage of. 

Having legal guidance behind you can help to establish a co-parenting routine that keeps the peace.