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3 ways mediation benefits co-parents settling custody matters

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2023 | Divorce |

Mediation is one of the most effective tools for those hoping to pursue a peaceful divorce. Those who share children are among the many divorcing couples in Michigan that might benefit from mediation prior to hearings in family court. 

Why is mediation so beneficial for custody matters and other disputes when parents separate? 

Mediation shields children from difficult information

Especially if children have to testify in family court, they could witness conflict between their parents or hear things that might damage their relationship with one of their parents or their perception of their family. By settling custody matters and other disagreements and mediation, the parents ensure their children won’t overhear those difficult discussions. 

Mediation helps parents improve communication

At the end of a romantic relationship, people often become very negative and their attitude toward one another. The communication that they have with each other suffers as a result. The process of trying to work cooperatively in mediation can help parents regain some of the communication skills they will need while co-parenting in the future. 

Mediation gives parents the final say

No matter how carefully a judge tries to consider the family circumstances, they don’t have the insight that the parents do until the needs of the children and how the household operates. Parents will have the authority to integrate the rules that they know will work best for their family rather than relying on a judge to make those crucial decisions. 

Suggesting custody mediation can be a way to help co-parents tackle the challenges of separating parental rights while trying to learn to work with one another.