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How divorce mediation protects the kids

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | Divorce |

Nobody ever said that divorce was going to be easy. Even the most amicable arrangements can create anxiety and other negative emotions. These, in turn, can spill over onto the children.

While parents may be powerless to protect their children entirely from the fallout from divorce, there is much that they can do to reduce the upheaval in their children’s lives.

Mediation provides privacy to divorce proceedings

Unlike litigated divorces that become part of the court record, what goes on in mediation remains private. There is no court reporter transcribing conversations that could potentially embarrass or upset you or your family members.

You set the terms of your divorce – and custody

No two marriages are the same, so why should divorces be cookie-cutter copies of each other? No one knows your children and their unique needs better than you and their other parent. That’s why it should be the two of you who hammer out an equitable divorce settlement that adequately provides for the children’s needs.

When left up to the court’s discretion, parents have very little input regarding the custody and visitation orders for their children. Some couples believe that because they are divorcing, they won’t be able to work together to mediate the terms of their uncoupling.

Put the best interests of the children first

If both parents can agree to set aside their own interests and focus on what’s best for the kids, they can draft a parenting plan and custody agreement that best reflects the children’s needs. Once that is established, they can then move on to mediate other issues involved in the divorce.