A Peaceful Future Is A Gift

2 ways mediation can help you view divorce more positively

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Divorce |

There is little doubt that getting a divorce is one of the most adverse events you may ever undertake. Even the promise of a peaceful, anxiety-free future does not usually cancel out the heartache of ending a marriage.

Divorce mediation is becoming popular in Michigan because it offers advantages like cost savings and faster resolution. Another advantage of mediation is that it may allow you to view your divorce more positively.

You’ll see the future – not the past

Traditional divorce takes you back in time, where you can agonize over every marriage mistake you might have made. Focusing on past mishaps can cloud your mind and influence your decisions.

In a mediated divorce, it is the future that matters most. Concentrating on what lies ahead allows you and your spouse to resolve issues (property division, child custody, etc.) with minimal distractions.

You’ll work to resolve – not fight to win

Divorce in a courtroom seems like a death match to many. It can feel like you and your spouse are pitted against each other in an arena filled with judgmental eyes.

Mediation occurs in a relaxed, neutral environment. Without courtroom scrutiny, you may feel freer to assert your opinion. Such an atmosphere encourages cooperation rather than the urge to battle things out.

When you emerge from a mediated divorce, you will likely be on much better terms with your ex than when you entered. You probably won’t feel as negatively about your divorce, either.

Unencumbered by the baggage that often accompanies litigation, you can start a new future for your family from a much more positive place.