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Sit-down meetings aren’t necessary for divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Divorce |

Quite a few couples considering divorce in Michigan write off the idea of divorce mediation when it would be the perfect tool for their circumstances. Participating in mediation together can help you and your spouse figure out custody arrangements, settle support matters and resolve property division disagreements.

You can potentially move forward with an uncontested divorce that costs a fraction of what litigation would cost if you reach agreements and sign documents outlining the terms you set. However, if you feel like you cannot be alone in a room with your spouse because you fear them or because your emotions get the better of you, you may assume that mediation isn’t an option. The truth is you can mediate without meeting with your spouse directly.

How shuttle mediation works

Shuttle mediation, sometimes also called “caucus mediation,” does not require that you sit in a small office with your spouse and the mediator. Instead, you can complete the process online. Another option is that the mediator communicates with one spouse and then uses the information provided during that conversation to initiate a conversation with the other spouse.

Shuttle mediation can occur when spouses have completely different schedules or when they cannot handle the emotions that arise during direct negotiations. The mediator will meet separately with both spouses repeatedly until they resolve their disagreements.

Although it may take longer to complete, shuttle mediation gives you an opportunity to retain control over the outcome of your divorce and to keep the process more amicable and less expensive. Learning more about how to make divorce mediation work for your family can eliminate much of the conflict in your upcoming divorce.