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Reasons couples drift apart over time

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2022 | Divorce |

In many divorce cases in which there are not a lot of conflicts, it may look from the outside like there are no problems with the relationship. The couple doesn’t fight, they tend to get along, they know how to cooperate and communicate, and nothing big – such as an affair –  ever took place.

When you ask these couples why they want to get a divorce, they may tell you that they just feel like they drifted apart over time. They used to be close, now they’re not, and they’re thinking it’s time for a divorce. But why does this drifting process happen? 

It’s often an issue of time

In many cases, the issue is just that people don’t spend as much time together. When they were dating and they fell in love, they spent hours with just each other. After the marriage, that declined, and the relationship lost something that it used to have.

As far as exactly why they don’t spend a lot of time together, those reasons vary. Sometimes, couples just get too caught up being parents and caring for their children, and they don’t have enough time for each other. Other times, one of them has a very demanding career or has to travel a lot for work. The time that they have for each other simply becomes very limited, and that can spell divorce if there’s just not enough.

This divorce doesn’t have to be difficult, however. You and your spouse can work together to find a solution, and you need to know what options you have