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A mediated divorce is best for the children

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Contrary to popular belief, divorce doesn’t have to pit one spouse against the other. After all, this is a family, two people who married each other and intended to spend the rest of their lives together.

However, if your marriage is at the end of the road, you need to consider having a mediated divorce. The benefits include:

  • Saving on costs
  • Confidentiality
  • Freedom to find an amicable solution for both parties
  • Quick resolution

Perhaps the biggest beneficiaries are the children, who do not have to watch their parents battle against one another.

How a mediated divorce protects the children

Divorce is a difficult time, especially for the children. It can affect them emotionally and psychologically, since they will likely be upset and confused as to why they can no longer live with both parents under the same roof. The negative effects of traditional litigated divorces on children have long been documented. However, you can lessen these effects and help to ensure your children’s wellbeing.

With a mediated divorce, the children will see that their parents can still work together to ensure that the transition to a new life is smooth. Rather than fighting over custody of the children, which makes the children feel like they are part of the problem, Mediation allows you to reach a mutually agreed upon custodial arrangement .

Preparing for the mediation process

Mediation is about making compromises for the greater good. It means that you should not have a hard-line stance on any divorce issues, such as property division, custody or child support.

Of course, you should safeguard your interests throughout the process and bring in any professionals you need to help ensure you reach agreements that will work for you.. When done right, a mediated divorce will reduce stress and save both of you time and money, and most importantly, it will protect your children from the harmful effects of a litigated divorce