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Should you consider family law mediation for your divorce?

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One of the more common reasons for the breakdown of marital relationships is communication issues, so the idea of sitting down for mediation to settle your divorce may seem a bit far-fetched. 

Many couples assume that their communication difficulties are too big to sort out their differences in mediation. A skilled mediator may be able to help push these critical conversations along so that you two can reach an agreement. 

While mediation can be an effective alternative dispute resolution approach for most couples, it’s not the right choice for some.

When is family law mediation ideal?

Divorcing couples who struggle to communicate with one another, whether it’s due to bitterness about their split or because they have different perspectives about critical issues such as child custody and spousal support, may benefit most from mediation. 

Pursuing this option may allow each of them to air their grievances with one another in the presence of a mediator, whose sole goal is to help them find common ground. This can save them expensive litigation costs and reduce delays.

Couples that have reputations to protect, such as high-profile individuals, often pursue mediation as a way to keep the details of their divorce private. 

When is family law mediation not ideal?

Mediation may not be the right choice for you if you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets and you don’t have access to all of the financial paperwork you need. Without the pretrial discovery process, your spouse may try to keep the finances hidden.

Some other situations in which mediation may not be appropriate are if there are lingering fidelity or domestic violence issues are at play. 

Deciding whether mediation is right for you

Many couples assume that their communication issues are too large to ever succeed in mediating their divorce. There are techniques that mediators use to overcome such obstacles, though. And, you don’t have to worry about having to attend mediation sessions alone. Many spouses still have their own attorneys attend mediation sessions to support and advocate for them. 

Please continue reviewing the resources about mediation here on our website to decide whether it’s the right option for you.