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Why mediation might not be possible if you’re dealing with a narcissistic ex

| Apr 19, 2021 | Uncategorized |

People tend to think of divorces as contentious events that come with lots of drama and strife. For some, the possibility of going through mediation makes this entire process a bit easier to accept.

In mediation, both sides work together to come up with the terms of the divorce. They have help from a third-party mediator who works to keep the negotiations on track. Unfortunately, this isn’t successful in all cases. For example, mediation may be a bit more complicated when a narcissist is involved

What makes mediation hard when one party is narcissistic?

A person who’s narcissistic is very self-centered. They are unable to think about what others need or want. They have difficulties with compromise because they aren’t getting everything they want. This makes it nearly impossible to negotiate with them during mediation

In some cases, the narcissist might want the marriage to end as quickly as possible because they’re ready to move on with life. You can use this to your advantage when you attempt to broker a settlement in your case. You should be careful not to directly attack the narcissist because, though, as they may dig their heels in and refuse to negotiate at all. 

Support in dealing with your narcissist ex

Perhaps one of the best steps you can take in dealing with a narcissistic ex is to consult with an attorney to gain insight into the options that you have in your case. This knowledge will enable you to make the decisions you feel are in your best interests as you work to dissolve your marriage. 

If you do opt for mediation, then remember to control your emotions as you weather the process. You may find it necessary to request that the mediator separate the two of you, thus allowing them to assume the role of go-between if things become tense during your mediation session.