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What divorce mediators do to help you work past obstacles

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While many of us envision a divorce as a knockdown, drag-out type of experience, it doesn’t have to be. You and your soon-to-be-ex can commit to resolving your differences using a collaborative approach such as mediation so that you can return to bein. While all this may seem ideal, you may be wondering what happens when you two reach a plateau in negotiations that you don’t seem to be able to get past.

There are some techniques that divorce mediators employ in such instances to move things along toward a resolution.

Techniques that mediators employ to resolve conflicts

One of the more common approaches that a mediator may use to get a divorcing couple on the same page is to have each party come with alternate plans that they’d also be willing to accept should “plan A” fall apart. 

Mediators may also ask their clients to switch roles. Husbands and wives are often able to see each others’ perspectives more clearly by doing this, a factor that allows them to move on past any impasse that arises. 

Everyone generally has one thing that’s more important to them than something else. Mediators realize that spouses may be willing to give up on one thing in exchange for something else. Mediators will often ask divorcing spouses what that is in hopes of agitating these couples toward a compromise instead of remaining at an impasse.

It’s not uncommon for mediators to recommend that divorcing couples try out a potential choice that they’re toying with to make sure that it works for them before formally agreeing to it, either. This approach often results in the initially hesitant spouse feeling more comfortable with a proposal than they originally were. This exercise usually allows couples to move forward. 

How to decide if mediation is ideal for settling your divorce

Many divorcing couples here in Bingham Farms worry that their bitterness toward one another or the complexity of their issues makes them unlikely mediation candidates. That’s a misconception, though.

An attorney can show you how mediation allows you two to share your thoughts on matters that matter to you most, a factor that may be key to helping you work past some of the complexities in your Michigan divorce.