A Peaceful Future Is A Gift

Is mediation right for you? Ask these important questions. 

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Unlike going to court to get divorced, mediation keeps you and your spouse in control of the process. You get to work together — with a mediator to help guide the process — to come up with a viable solution to disputes over everything from the division of your assets to custody of the children.

The control over your future is not passed to a judge. You make your own decisions. You define your own lives. 

Is mediation a good idea for your divorce?

If you’re considering mediation and trying to decide if it’s right for you, it’s important to start by considering the state of your relationship and your goals. These questions may help:

  • Are you and your spouse willing to try to communicate and work together, despite anger with each other?
  • Are there any contested areas in the split that a judge may have to decide, such as child custody or financial issues?
  • Do you both have similar goals of being good co-parents for your children and trying to be fair so you’re both okay after divorce?
  • Are you interested in saving time and moving through the process more quickly than you would with a court case?
  • Are you willing to compromise at all, and is your spouse willing to do the same?

Generally, mediation works best for couples who are willing to compromise, who share some goals (even if the main goal they share is just to get their divorce over with a minimum of effort and trouble) and who have the ability to work together with help. No matter where your personal relationship stands, you both need to put your feelings aside and work jointly to find a solution that fits your needs. 

Getting started with mediation

If you do think that mediation is right for you, helping you maintain control and focus on the best possible solution, our firm would be happy to help show you how to get started and what steps you need to take.