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Preparation is key to a successful divorce mediation

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Like anything new, you know a lot more about divorce once you have done it. Yet you do not have to be Elizabeth Taylor or Larry King to become a divorce expert. You can use other people’s experience.

Divorce attorneys see firsthand how painful litigious divorces can be, which is why some of them use their expertise to become divorce mediators. If you are unsure what type of divorce to choose, they can help explain the advantages of mediation over litigation, as they have seen both sides.

When you consider all the meetings in your life, few will be as crucial as your divorce mediation, especially if you have children. It is essential to prepare for this as well, if not better, than any business meeting you ever had.

These are some of the things to consider when preparing for divorce mediation:

  • Assets: Itemize your assets and assess their value so you can divide them. Gather evidence, such a property deeds, bank statements and life insurance policies. If you have art collections, classic cars or any other things of value, you might need an expert to determine their worth. If your spouse holds most of the financial information, request access before your meeting. An attorney can help if your spouse does not freely pass you the information.
  • Children: If you are parents, you will need to settle child custody, parenting time and child support payments at your mediation.
  • Financial future: If you need to request or give spousal support, understand the amounts and duration beforehand.

Remember, the longer mediation takes, the more it will cost you for the mediator’s time. Both you and your spouse need to come fully prepared, understanding your current situation, the future you desire and what compromises you are willing to make to get there.